Men's Services

Quiet Dignity

At Wilson Medical, we practice the art of acknowledging men. We understand that a male patient cannot be treated or handled in the same way as a female patient. Our society has led, indoctrinated and guided us towards a 'male hunter-gatherer label'. Right or wrong, men are geared differently than women and face difficult stigmas and 'live up to ghosts' in life.

Generally speaking, men do not care to discuss or express their feelings and are, usually, far less emotionally driven than women. However, none of the preceding means that they do not encounter the same debilitating effects from life as women----they absolutely do! 

Unfortunately, there are men who are uncomfortable in admitting they have any type of symptom much less a bonafide issue that detracts from their virility. Wilson Medical more than understands the 'man factor' and respects the sanctity thereto.  

Dr. Rachelle Wilson
"A man is not supposed to be or feel weak. He must lead and work to sustain his job, his home, his family and his pride. There is genuine power in knowing that today's males face formidable adversaries. Life facts such as stress, genetics, the aging process and the unforeseen can gang tackle guys and put them down both physically and emotionally. These can cause serious health issues which require medical examination, diagnosis and treatment.  

I am married to the guy I described above. He is independent, driven and successful. I have seen how, at times, life affects my husband. Therefore, I have firsthand knowledge about the male 'cause and effect' and recognize how it can manifest itself medically.  

Wilson Medical treats men with quiet dignity. We respect all that they are and fully appreciate what they are up against in life. Men are far from weak but they too need help. This is why my practice enjoys healthy organic male patient growth. We treat men the way men want to be treated--period." 


  • Sexual Issues
  • Fertility 
  • Erectile Dysfunction 
  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy 
  • Testosterone Abnormalities  
  • Stress Disorders 
  • Insomnia Symptoms 
  • Weight Issues 
  • Fitness & Nutrition 
  • Preventive Medical Screenings 
  • Physicals 
  • Lab Work  
  • Depression/Anxiety Management Assistance 

Men: Their Silence Is Deafening
Dr. Wilson is well aware that women are far more apt to talk and discuss the state of their medical health than men. For this reason alone, our practice is as concerned about educating our male patients as we are treating them. 

First and foremost, there is profound power in realizing that the aging process does indeed have ancillary 'cause-and-effect' issues for men of all ages. No longer is it considered weak or suspect to experience symptoms that are 'non-manly'. Things like the inability to perform in the bedroom, lack of energy, sleep deprivation, nervousness, appetite issues are but a few of the unpleasant aging issues that confront men. However, it is the fact that they live in a 'testosterone-respected society' which keeps them from seeking and receiving the care and cure they so badly need and deserve. Men are entitled to the same degree of medical help as women, and with Dr. Rachelle Wilson, they will receive it. 

 If you are a man and know that your life is simply not what it used to be, you are not alone. The aging process can affect every aspect of your world. We would welcome the opportunity to confidentially discuss, diagnose, treat and cure your individual circumstance. This is what we do and why we are passionate about this practice.  

 Reclaim your 'you' with Dr. Wilson and rediscover your zest for living and loving once again!