Dr. Rachelle Wilson

I Specialize in 'Well'. 

Wellness is something we all want and resides at the very top of everyone's wish list. The fact is, if you are not well, your life cannot be right. My practice is built upon one solitary goal: I want my patients well--period.  

As we age, we each face the inevitable aging process. The simple fact is that both women and men go through medical changes which are a direct result of the length of time spent on this earth. Though delicate to discuss and kept in the shadows, as we age, medical infirmities result. Although these issues are both treatable and curable, left unaddressed, they are not without the potential for serious consequence. Every day spent walking, breathing and experiencing life is yet another day of aging. My practice is focused upon treating the medical effect of your 'life-time' right here and right now.  I am fiercely proud of my education and training and consider it a true privilege to do what I do. 


My History 

Growing up in a small town in Oklahoma, I realized at a young age that my life path would be centered around medicine. The science of the human body and its miraculous abilities fascinated me then as it does now.

When I was born, my father actually handed out homemade flyers announcing my arrival to any and every one with whom he came in contact. Needless to say, my family support dynamic was incredible and has been a genuine blessing throughout. It is this validation and belief from those who matter most in my life that has helped to nurture my attitude of the true significance of medical service. As a result, I am one of those fortunate souls able to say, without hesitation, that I love what I do! 

Today, I refuse to offer a 'drive thru' or quick fix belief for my patients. The truth is, I think of myself as an old soul in the body of a young woman. My practice is similar to that of the 1800's frontier doctor based upon 'house calls' (if required) and common sense. My reverence for the accomplishments of the physicians who came before me (who did not have benefit of the technological or scientific advances which I embrace) is a part of my very being. Consequently, on the days that feel the most long and stressful, I draw strength from remembering what my predecessors endured and I quickly regain my perspective.  

In closing, I simply want to say that I have the same human side as everyone else. My husband, my children, my relatives and my friends are my inspiration. And although I have a life separate and apart from my medical pursuit, my 'personal and professional' worlds peacefully coexist. Not only are they my reasons for living, they are embedded in my DNA.  

I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend and a physician and I love what I do. I am Doctor Rachelle Wilson and at my practice, 'All is WELL'.