Infusion Therapy

Our Infusion Therapy Options

Glutathione Infusions

What is Glutathione and why should you be excited about it? Glutathione is produced in your cells and is the master antioxidant for whole body wellness! Chronic disease, stress, environmental toxins, and aging all caused declining levels of Glutathione in your body!

Vitamin C Infusions

Dr. Wilson loves Vitamin C for boosting immunity! vitamin C functions as a powerful antioxidant, protecting against damage induced by oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can negatively affect immune health and is linked to numerous diseases! Call 265-2733 to schedule a vitamin C infusion!

Iron Infusion

Struggling with anemia? An iron infusion may be just what you need!

More Infusion options coming soon!

Energy and Focus IM Injection 

 B12 + Amino Acids Combo + Taurine + Procaine

Detox Powerhouse IM Injection

B-Complex + B12 + Vitamin C + Procaine

Free Radical Toxin Eliminator IM Injection

Glutathione + Procaine

Stress Support IM Injection

B12 + B-Complex + Amino Acids + Magnesium + Sulfate + Procaine

Immune Boost IM Injection

B-Complex + B12 + Vitamin C + Procaine

Heart Health Support IM Injection

CoQ10 + Amino Acids + Procaine

Brain Enhancement IM Injection

B12 + B-Complex + Amino Acids

Vitamin D IM Injection

Vitamin D

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